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VR events vs physical events

Posted: 08 / 09 / 2019
VR Events vs Physical Events
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Events are and still will be the best tool in terms of communication for the companies.

Over the last few years, a lot of technological advances have been incorporated to our life, changing our everyday life aspects such as checking what time is it: we used to look at our watches, but now, you can do it in your smartphone or smartwatch, and, at the same time, you check the notifications of the social media, your heart rate or how many steps you have walked.

These advantages also affect the business world, and the way we communicate and do business, so why not take advantage of the benefits they offer? There are several advantages that technology provide us, which is why we find ourselves in an increasingly competitive and prepared business world. 

It can be saved up to 50% on costs just avoiding journeys, waste on resources, diets...

If some time ago it was necessary to spend an important part of the annual budget in promoting fair and events that took place in different parts, now it is only necessary to use one of the computers that are have in our workplace or at home and to be connected to the Internet to display your stand, to costumise it and establish personal and professional relationships with employers and customers of the sector without leaving the place. Or to present a product, a catalogue or simply to make contacts with people in the sector.

All these things can be done by entering virtual rooms and sharing conversations and virtual business cards. That is also known as VR business. 

As we can see, virtual events enable us to perform the same functions as physical events, but... for a lot less!  It can be saved up to 50% on costs just avoiding journeys, waste of resources, diets and so on. In addition, holding a virtual event already makes us stand out from the rest, which means not only economic and social advantages, but also competitive advantages. And all this in a sustainable and ecological way.