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Organisation of events and advertising in virtual environments

We humanise the digital world

Organisation of 2D/3D/VR events

We organise all kinds of virtual events at an international level. Virtual events are synonymous with real success.

  • Organisation of VR/3D events
    We humanise the digital world

    Organisation of VR/3D events

    We organise all kinds of virtual events at an international level. Virtual events are synonymous with real success.

  • Organisation of VR/3D events
    A new challenge for brands

    Advertising and PR in VR/3D environments

    We design advertising campaigns and personalised PR actions within VR/3D environments. New ways of virtual marketing.

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Why choosing a virtual event with Walcon

Be part of the 2D/3D/VR events for business!

VR/3D events for business are a revolutionary concept that allows you to establish professional relationships using virtual environments. Be part of the revolution!

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Make your resources and time profitable Make your
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24/7 service
24/7 service
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsability
From anywhere in the world
From anywhere in the world
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Personalised experience Personalised
High quality analytics High quality
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All types of virtual events

2D/3D/VR events are a good opportunity for companies that want to promote their products and services, provide training or organise networking activities. At Walcon Virtual, we help you to organise everything you need. Find out more!

Do you want to organise a 2D/3D/VR event? Find out about all the possibilities.

Success stories

We are currently working on the organisation of several events in 2D/3D/VR environments.

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From 19th to 21st July 2021
+100 Unique access
+15 Speakers
+5 Workshops

The third edition of ReD-N was held entirely online, an event carried out by and for students of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (NHyD) from all over Spain where they were able to train and learn through lectures, round tables and workshops.

World Poultry Virtual Congress

From 14th to 17th June 2021
+5000 Registered
+40 Speakers
+15 Exhibitors
+2300 Unique users

The World Poultry Virtual Congress by Hipra welcomed more than 40 experts and professionals from the poultry sector worldwide, spread over four days in which visitors could, in addition to attending the conferences, visit the different stands and participate in the Experience & Innovation Challenge organised by the company.

National Career Training Congress

From 14th to 15th April 2021
+700 Unique access
+20 Conferences
+10 Round tables

More than 700 specialists from all over Spain gathered on our campus to celebrate the virtual congress 'The new Vocational Training in the Valencian Community: discover the future', where some topics such as the modernisation of this educational stage and the future law were discussed.


25th April 2021
+150 Unique access
+600 Total access

Companies and students met during a day at Fepefic, organised by the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of A Coruña, to learn first-hand about the job market and encourage the creation of new contacts.

Consortex Virtual Conference

From 2nd to 4th March 2021
1 Conference Hall

Participants from almost 40 shipbuilding SMEs from Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the UK came together to share their knowledge and assets in order to collaborate and address international markets.

16th International Ornithological Tourism Fair

From 26th to 28th February 2021
85 Exhibitors
116 B2B registered companies
+10 Workshops

FIO, the doyen of fairs in its speciality in Spain and for the first time in virtual format, maintains the objectives that have made it the most important in the sector in our country: to be a meeting point for the sector and to promote nature tourism and birdwatching, in which Extremadura is an international benchmark.

+250 Unique access
+30 Info points

This congress, promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana and Cefire, put the main focus of the talks on educational leadership, with a multifaceted approach from the different perspectives involved in the management of an educational centre.

III Smart Technology Forum Retail 4.0

From 20 to 21 January 2021

This third edition of the Smat Technology Forum, this time in virtual format, addressed "Retail 4.0" from different points of view, with the participation of representatives of brands and retailers, as well as developers, manufacturers, integrators, public administration and other associations, under the motto "Energy savings, security and connectivity in retail".

1 Auditorium
1 Exporoom
+100 Unique access

IR Group and its firms promoted a unique event in Spain in the professional aesthetics sector, being pioneers with its 1st Virtual Congress of advanced aesthetics held in this country.

VR Spagna 20

From 1 to 3 December 2020
+10.000 Visitors
+4.000 Professional appointments
+65 Booths

Spagna Virtuale VR-Spagna-2020 is an innovative 100% virtual workshop project promoted by Turespaña through its Spanish Tourism Offices (OTSs) in Rome and Milan. This is the first online virtual event aimed at professionals (B2B) and final public (B2C).

Agripina Awards

25 November 2020
+100 Unique access

After several editions held and with a constant growth, the Agripina Awards were held for the first time in a totally virtual way. These awards are the festival of reference for members of the advertising, marketing and communication sector in Spain.


From 16 to 20 November 2020
+3.000 Access
+7.000 Interactions

Enel, the company that is turning the image of energy upside down, opted for technology, innovation and agility to bring Enel employees closer to the world of digital transformation through experiences, knowledge acquisition and contact with new technologies.

+5.000 Interactions
+1.500 Access

The European Institute of Mediterranean Food together with the Junta de Andalucía and the brand gusto del Sur, organised the I International Virtual Congress Encounters in the Mediterranean, under the slogan "Mediterraneidad, más allá del concepto".

Apla Anual Virtual

9-10 November 2020

The Latin American Petrochemical and Chemical Association held for the first time its Annual Business Meeting in a fully virtual format.

Cruz Roja

Several days during 2020
+10.000 Total visits
+50 Conferences
+80 Workshops

The Red Cross has digitalised some of its events, such as virtual job fairs or thematic days. Some of the provinces that have already carried them out are Badajoz, Cadiz, Catalonia, Galicia and Zaragoza, among others.

GR-EX Global Robot Expo

20-21 October 2020

GR-EX, the world's leading trade fair for robotics, AI and technological innovation, brought together thousands of people from all over the world for several days.

II National League of Challenges in Cyberspace

From 29 September to 17 December

The Guardia Civil held the second edition of the National Cyberleague GC in a totally virtual way. This Homeland Security initiative aims to promote the value of our university talent from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Inspiration Toy Pops

15, 22, 29 October, 5 and 12 November 2020

The Spanish Toy Manufacturers Association gave an innovative format to its Inspiration Toy Pops, an event that was born with the purpose of giving answers to the new challenges that the current normality has brought.


9 September 2020

The Ibero-Latin American Asphalt Congress (CILA) is the most relevant international event on asphalt and paving issues in the Spanish-speaking world.


5th – 6th August 2020
+1008 individual users at the campus
+2849 total accesses to the auditorium

Aca Jóvenes is a youth movement that belongs to the Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas [Association of Argentine Cooperatives]. They have been working for 75 years to make young people the protagonists of Argentine agricultural sector’s future, bringing them together on this time in a 100% virtual way.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia hosted the 24th edition of the International Congress on Project Management and Engineering in virtual format. This event became an international forum for debate with presentations and networking among attendees, being a meeting point for professionals in the field.

+1,000 Visitors
+25,000 Interactions
+1,000 Stand enquiries

This virtual event promoted by APPA Renovables together with Fronius Spain brought together more than 15 companies from the industry representing the whole value chain of self-consumption. Attendees were able to visit the exhibition area with stands and attend conferences and round-table discussions in the auditorium.

Ecommerce Virtual Tour

Between April 23rd and 24th 2020
+30,000 Visitors
+25 Conferences
+40,000 Stand interactions

Ecommerce Tour is a series of events on electronic commerce where experts in the industry share their success stories, making this event an ideal place to exhibit their products and network with all attendees.

Circutor Open Day

April 21st 2020
+2,500 Visitors
+6,000 Accesses
+26 Countries

Circutor Open Day brought together more than 2,500 people in a technical conference where companies and organisations from all over the world attended the 100% virtual presentation of Circutor. The event included an exhibition hall with 6 stands; a conference room; a networking space and 6 showrooms where many products were exhibited.

Effie Solar 2020

Between March 10th and 13th 2020
+13K Interactions
+1,500 Visitors
+40 Exhibitors
+35 Conferences

Effie Solar 2020 brought together solar energy companies, organisations and institutions during the four days of the trade fair to visit stands and to attend the programmed conferences in different technical conferences, all of which were held by experts from the industry at an international level.

Effie Virtual Congress 2019

Between May 8th and 11th 2019
+ 10K Interactions
+1,300 Visitors
+50 Exhibitors
+20 Conferences

The event was conceived to promote the generation of business in all the links of the productive chain of the energy industry, through interaction, access to new solutions for their businesses and the exchange of experiences and knowledge about the industry at an international level. An unparalleled opportunity to position themselves in the market and learn about the opportunities and challenges of the energy industry.

Matilde Albert Brotons Managing Director at Walcon

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A great team of professionals at your disposal

Real services for your virtual events

Walcon Virtual has a team of professionals with extensive experience in organising events and new technologies, who have the means and knowledge necessary to organise fairs and any type of 2D/3D/VR event at an international level, and to offer all the extra services you need.


How we work
A great team of professionals at your disposal

Real services for your virtual events

Walcon Virtual has a team of professionals with extensive experience in organising events and new technologies, who have the means and knowledge necessary to organise fairs and any type of 2D/3D/VR event at an international level, and to offer all the extra services you need.


How we work
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We connect in the same virtual environment many people with common interests, both professionals and potential customers, in order to promote business sectors and attract qualified leads.

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Cutting-edge virtual platforms

2D/3D/VR environments

We organise 2D/3D/VR events using different platforms that provide many features and a great user experience.

  • Create your personalised VR/3D environment depending on your needs.
  • Attend other live conferences and interact with the other attendees.
  • Connect with your customers in a virtual world through interactive avatars.
  • Exhibit photos and videos in 360º, products, catalogues and so on.
  • Exchange business cards and attend meetings.
  • Access from any device with internet connection.

We have exclusive distribution and discount agreements with partners from all over the world, and we select the platform that fits the needs of each event.

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2D/3D/VR environments

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