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Organisation of events and advertising in virtual environments


Real services for your events. Walcon Virtual has a team of professionals with a lot of experience in digital marketing and new technologies, which provides great capacity for the organization of fairs, congresses and any other kind of virtual event at an international. A large team to help you.

Consultancy and Planification

Consultancy and Planification Consultancy and Planification

We take part in the organization since its beginning

Any event requires a good planification to achieve the attendance and participation forecasts. Walcon offers a consultancy service and we help our clients to optimize the preparation time and the resources that they need. Each event is unique, so we prepare a detailed study of the necessities and objectives of the client, organized according to the exigencies.

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Team building

Team building Team Building and Entertainment

Create special experiences at your event

There are unlimited possibilities of Team Building for companies and entities: creation of games, raffles, contests, etc. Maintaining a warm and relaxed atmosphere has paramount importance to generate interactive experiences that integrate the attendees.

Moreover, gamification makes "entertainment" easier within a virtual event. Coaches, magicians, mentalists, among others, allow you to guarantee more time for visitors to stay within the environments, as well as giving your virtual event a new focus.

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Artists hiring

Artists hiring Artists hiring

We provide confidence and credibility to your event

Virtual events can also be boosted by people of recognized prestige that give confidence and credibility to promotional campaigns. To make your events more recognizable, at Walcon we offer you a service of artists hiring as ambassadors of your brand. We work with a large number of artists agents at a national and international level.

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Design and creativity

Design and creativity 3D design and creativity

Designs adapted to VR technology

At Walcon Virtual with have graphic designers and 3D designers, and also 360º photographers, so we can perform three-dimensional designs adapted to the necessities of virtual reality.

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Web and multimedia development

Web and multimedia development Web and multimedia development

We create the corporate web for your event

The corporate web of your event is the cover later of your event. We design, create and update your event website.

Your corporate web will let you manage your event, to show the catalog of exhibitors or guest speakers, to purchase entries, to hire services from exhibitors or sponsors.

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If you have planned to organize any of these events in a virtual form or any other, do not hesitate to contact us by completing this form, and we will be pleased to answer your request. Thank you.

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