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Creating a meeting point between companies and customers of the same sector is a great opportunity for them to get to know each other and discover new business opportunities.

Virtual energy industry with avatars


Renewables and efficiency

Virtual reality has come to stay in the energy sector. Effie is a 100% online international fair with different annual editions that target renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

Moreover, virtual reality has also been used in this sector so that future engineers can deal with a range different situations.

We also know that virtual reality is a good option for electrical equipments manufacturers who want their new products to be known by distributors in an easy and economical way, as well as for the organisation of technical conferences about regularity changes or new trends within the sector.

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Automotive industry in 3D virtual world

Automotive industry

A new way of driving

The automotive industry is a constantly changing sector that is becoming increasingly digitalised, introducing new technologies and applying them to the driving industry. New motors, security advances... Everything must be presented to the public clearly and easily. This is why events such as VR presentations simulations of real-life situations allow all these innovations to be seen up close and from all angles.

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Fashion industry in virtual environments


Trend and technology

Fashion is a dynamic industry that covers a wide range of activities: design creation, raw materials transformation, collection presentations, and much more. All of them must be well synchronised so the final customer can enjoy the product, being virtual events a perfect solution for that. Everything is possible, from bringing together designers to present their projects to creating an event to present a new clothing line.

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Industrial sector in 3d virtual worlds


Productivity and efficiency

The technological revolution is becoming more and more present in the industry sector. Automatised processes, robots, simulations that allow a better efficiency, and much much more. A revolution that is also changing the way of doing business in this sector.

Present your machines in detail and from their inside before being used, and train and keep your staff updated from anywhere and at any moment.

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Virtual health industry with 3D avatars


Growth potential

Healthcare is a growing industry with leading technological advances: devices such as smartphones or smartwatches keep us constantly connected with our body and health. A wide range of programmes and apps allows us to measure our heart rate, body temperature, daily steps, and much more. Therefore, digitalising communication and the way we do business is key to connect with clients.

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Construction industry on 3D virtual platforms


Structural change

The way of carrying out and presenting projects as well as the way of selling in the construction industry have changed with the emergence of new technologies. Constructions design and planning have been digitalised and it is now possible to make simulations which look practically real. This is why business relations, presentations and sales can be perfectly carried out in virtual events. 

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Tourism industry in the metaverse


Immerse yourself in the digital era

Tourism is one of the sectors that has changed the most over the last years. The emergence of online travel agencies, metasearch engines, smart tourism destinations, amonh others, has radically changed the way we use these services. From the initial searching of a destination to the subsequent service rating, everything has its place on the Internet. This is why being in a virtual fair or joining a networking room with other people of the sector will be an essential step when it comes to the development of your brand image.

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Education sector for 3D events in virtual worlds


Continuous training

The aim of education is to improve people's knowledge and skills, based on different methodologies that evolve with time and the resources available.

Both at a public and private level, new technologies have burst into these educational processes and have given way to online teaching or virtual training, which is why recycling and adapting to these new tools is more than necessary.

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