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About us

Walcon Virtual Events

Event and advertising planning in virtual environments

Walcon Virtual is a Spanish company leader in the organisation of events and virtual marketing since 2018. We offer customised technological solutions to all types of private companies and public institutions. Our mission is to humanise the virtual world and promote maximum interaction among people in a simple way and without physical barriers via the internet.

Walcon's objective is to promote different sectors by using virtual platforms at a competitive price. In addition, these solutions contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and comply with GDPR regulations.


We listen to our customers, to our team, to our partners and we are highly flexible, evolving rapidly to provide the most innovative solutions adapted to every need. We are constantly keeping an eye on market changes and have a strong focus on technological research and constant training to develop our team's skills and knowledge. We strive to get better by constantly coming up with new and different ideas.


We work together to achieve common goals, sharing information and knowledge. We build trust through respect, transparency and humility. Our day-to-day work is based on cooperation and talent and creativity promotion. Our staff, clients and partners belong to a single team that has to work together to deliver outstanding events.


We are honest, professional and approachable. We seek to create trustworthy relationships based on close human interaction. We are committed to our clients and are always there for them, always aiming to offer them a quality service that meets their needs and even exceeds their expectations.


Work and fun are not antonyms. We try to always keep a relaxed atmosphere during our interactions and at our events, remaining professional at all times. And we want our team to be comfortable. This is why we help them  reconcile their personal and family life, so that they can enjoy their day-to-day work.


We love our job and are highly committed to what we do. We are passionate about technology, communication and event organisation. We always try to keep a positive attitude and look forward to every event we organise. We put our heart into everything we do.

Our values set us apart Your event is in safe hands