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Advantages of virtual events

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A new way of doing business Virtual environments for business

A new digital marketing concept is emerging, which thanks to 2D/3D/VR technology, allows us to establish business and professional relationships in virtual environments.

When it comes to business, virtual environments are intended to keep online interaction between customers and companies without losing human touch. Our main goal is to maintain real face-to-face communication, but relying on the possibilities that virtual environments offer to the business world.


Save on costs and time
Save on costs and time

Since this is a completely virtual service, there is no need to travel or rent spaces, per diems, accommodations, or other services that would make your event more expensive.

Connect from anywhere in the world
Connect from anywhere in the world

The only thing you need is a device with an Internet connection.

Sustainable events
Sustainable events

Environmental sustainability is one of the main goals of any company. Eliminating face-to-face events greatly improves your ESG rating.

Achieve a good work-life balance
Achieve a good work-life balance

Work from anywhere and with any company.

Have fun while working
Have fun while working

We ensure a close and relaxed working environment when dealing with people.

Get qualified leads and collect data
Get qualified leads and collect data

Any interaction that takes place in the digital world can be recorded.

Unlimited benefits

Why choose a virtual event with Walcon?

Organise your virtual event with us!

Our user-friendly platforms allow the audience to easily move around the environments, which have been designed to promote social interaction and networking among participants. Group chat, live and on-demand streaming of content and social sharing are just some of the features that will keep your audience engaged from a computer or smartphone. Be part of the revolution!

Save <br> on costs Save
on costs
Make your <br> time and resources profitable Make your
time and resources profitable
<br>24/7 service
24/7 service
<br> Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
<br>From anywhere in the world
From anywhere in the world
Your products in <br>3D Your products in
Personalised<br>experience Personalised
High quality<br>analytics High quality

And there is much, much more...

At Walcon Virtual Events we transform face-to-face events into unforgettable networking experiences.

  • More than 100,000 users at the same time
  • Share audio content without limit
  • On-demand monthly hosting
  • Available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Compatible with web browsers
  • Fully customisable brand environments
  • Achieve a good work-life balance for your employees
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Instant access to real-time analysis and reports
  • Collect data and create new leads
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Have fun at work
  • Interactive webcasts
  • Display image and video content
  • Fully customisable agendas

Avoid CO2 emissions

Thanks to 2D/3D/VR environments for business, you will be tackling climate change. Plus, you will reduce your organisation's carbon footprint.

Reduction of CO2 -58 kg

Air travel
(100 km/per person)

Reduction of CO2 -38.8 kg

Land travel
(100 km/per person)

Reduction of CO2 -44.3 kg

(per person/night)

Reduction of CO2 -3.8 t

Energy consumption
(per 100 m2)