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VR events are an interesting showcase for the companies that want their potential clients to know about their products, services, and latest developments. We are a company specialized in the organization of this kind of high impact events. 

Do you have any idea in your mind?

 Sectoral fairs

VR Sectoral fairs

We are specialists in the organization and diffusion of all kinds of fairs.

These are Virtual environments that reproduce the spaces and functionalities of the traditional fairs, where attendants and exhibitors can interact during the days that the event lasts, in spite of not being in the same place. In this kind of fairs you can find companies and entities that belong to the same sector.

These environments allow us to attend conferences of different professional sectors, to visit the stands and to ask for information about their services and products of other companies, download their catalogs and informative dossiers, and you can also interact in networking rooms.

And everything is entirely customized according to the branding of each company, in addition to be able to link directly your websites and social networks.

Users accede to these environments through a digital avatar that allows them to talk to the other assistants by voice or text chat.

Which is our task?

  • Creation of the environment
  • Configuration of the stands
  • Customization and design of the fair
  • Communication and marketing
  • Full event support
  • Elaboration of a complete report of the event
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Congresses and fairs

VR Congresses and fairs

Organization of congresses

The most outstanding feature of this kind of congress is the fact that they take place in virtual auditoriums and/or rooms. So, the main issue can be dealt from different perspectives, that is to say, from a live person to person conversation through a camera or through sharing a split-screen, or even showing an already recorded and edited video.

Attendants can not only interact between them, but also with the lecturer through a common chat that allows communicating at the same that the conference is taking place.


  • Completely customizable setting.
  • Brand exposition with audiovisual elements.
  • Communication and marketing.
  • Full event
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Presentation of the product

Presentation of a VR product

We have the keys for the presentation of products and promotions

In recent years, there has been a radical change in the way the products and promotions are presented. Thanks to the new technologies we can present new catalogs or launching new products to the distributor, clients or partners in a completely innovative way, which also supposes a small investment. The environments where these presentations can take place are virtual and corporate rooms custom created. 

We use the best tools for the launching of your brand and the presentation of your product:

We can prepare presentations of the products through 360-degree videos or photographies. Furthermore, each of them may have its description, additional information and la landing so clients can directly access our website and buy the product. Presentation attendants are chosen through invitations which are sent by the company of the product. 

Let us help you!

  • 360-degree photographies and videos.
  • Presentation of products and catalogs.
  • Custom corporate rooms.
  • Directly linked with the website.
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Training courses

VR Training courses

An innovative and professional form

The courses are taught in the formation of virtual rooms and it is also produced direct and personal communication. The materials and tools are chosen by the company (live or delayed videos, presentations, images, 360-degree examples).

The teacher and the attendants' interactions are given in a chat, so the company can share any materials they think that is important for the assistants, so they can download and save those materials.

You choose how: 

  • Costume virtual rooms.
  • Direct and personal communication.
  • Variety of learning forms.
  • Sharing of learning materials.
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Networking environments

VR Networking rooms

Expand your frontiers

These spaces are created to improve the relationships between professionals and/or entrepreneurs with common interests, so they can share ideas and business opportunities. Here, they can also exchange opinions, and they also give way to the opportunity to create new contacts and potential clients.

Each person has its avatar with their information and a virtual business card, so they can share with the rest of assistants that are in the same room,

Any company, association or public organism can have its own corporate space to have reunions with suppliers, clients or partners.

It is what is seems to be:

  • Creation of net of contacts.
  • Entirely costume space.
  • Business opportunities.
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If you have planned to organize any of these events in a virtual form or any other, do not hesitate to contact us by completing this form, and we will be pleased to answer your request. Thank you.

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Success stories

We are constantly working in the organization of all kinds of VR environment events. These are some of them.

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Effie Virtual Congress 2019

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