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Walcon Virtual works in the United Arab Emirates

Posted: 21 / 02 / 2022
Walcon Virtual works in the United Arab Emirates
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With the aim of strengthening the country’s position as the global centre of innovation, the United Arab Emirates is hosting the country’s largest innovation event in February 2022.

For this reason, AD Ports Group, the region’s leading promoter of logistics, industry, and trade, has organized various activities throughout the month, including meetings and gaming sessions in its own metaverse managed by Walcon Virtual.

Both companies have carried out remotely the gamification of the activities in a virtual world, the AD Ports Group Metaverse, which allows each user to access with a customisable avatar and enjoy an immersive experience where they can interact with all the people who access it live.

From 14 and until 28 February, more than 1000 people will visit the virtual facilities and will be able to hold meetings, attend live presentations and participate in all kinds of activities, like a virtual football league, an Escape Room and Scavenger Hunts.