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Learn more about virtual parties with avatars!

Posted: 04 / 12 / 2020
Learn more about virtual parties with avatars!
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Christmas is getting closer and closer and questions are arising about family gatherings, travellings to other places, whether we are going to be able to be with our friends... A time of uncertainty to which we must adapt in order to meet with the new normality.

For all these reasons, at Walcon Virtual we want to help you in this difficult process of adaptation and we provide you with the possibility of still being able to hold all kinds of events and meetings

Fairs, congresses, award ceremonies, product presentations, training courses and networking rooms are some of the types of events that we have already talked about so far, but today we bring you some news that we are sure will cheer you up this Christmas.

You will be able to enjoy different activities so that you can continue celebrating the Christmas party with all your team in our campus. 

Thanks to the virtual facilities that we have, you will be able to carry out different team building activities, fun games and even an incredible party on the terrace of the building with DJ and live music so that you can have a great time with all your colleagues. All of this without missing out on conferences or company presentations. 

Thanks to our platforms and their multiple functions, you will believe you are really there!

This unique virtual experience allows you to keep enjoying Christmas meeting all the restrictions imposed from only 25 euros per person. 

If you want to celebrate Christmas with all your colleagues in a totally secure way, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

We are waiting for you!