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Using virtual platforms increases interaction

Posted: 10 / 07 / 2020
Using virtual platforms increases interaction
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In these months of lockdown, we have seen how people have felt the need of maintaining human contact with those around us. To this end, different types of online video conferencing platforms have been employed, whether for work, exercise... 

However, despite the fact that at Walcon Virtual we consider these platforms to be very useful tools for services such as webinars, we also think they are a bit outdated in terms of interactivity.

These platforms are called passive, as they allow you to see and hear but not to maintain a closer contact. That is why Walcon's most distinctive services are the exploratory or interactive platforms. These platforms rely on the latest technology that allows us to develop VR and 3D events.

The most characteristic element of these platforms are the customisable avatars. Within a virtual environment of 3D graphics and sound, the avatars can move through the whole space of the event interacting with other avatars; greeting, starting conversations, exchanging business cards, attending conferences...

Therefore, avatars of the interactive platforms allow us to create 100% immersive experiences. If your intention is to increase the interaction with your customers to build a closer and more personal relationship, ask for our services!