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Training with Virtual Reality VR?

Posted: 17 / 09 / 2019
Training with Virtual Reality VR
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When talking about training, we think of a classroom where an expert in a subject explains to the students a series of contents. But once you have finished reading this post, your idea of a classroom will not be the same.

VR technology, which is becoming increasingly developed and with more possibilities of application, is in constant change so that we can not only visualise audiovisual content, but also interact with it.

Companies such as Seat, Accióna, BBVA, Nacex or Airbus already have VR courses to train their employees and to seek for new ways of working that that allow them to be more productive with simulations of everything they do and without taking any risks. For example, at Airbus, they are already using this technology when implementing modifications or updating the models of their plains, saying that "this technology allows the users to do the process of verification and validation in only the 25% of the time that it would be necessary if conventional methods were applied." 

Other sectors, such as healthcare, are also using these tools for training and practices of, for example, surgeons, who can learn surgical techniques and the real application of them in a non-risky environment and completely controlled.

 To be more productive with simuluations of everything they do and without taking any risk

And not only at a practical level. At a theoretical level, with VR technology we can enter virtual rooms where the interaction with the trainer is easy and direct, removing the geographical and time barriers that may hinder training.

In this way, we can say that we facing a new training method that many companies are already taking advantage of and that many others will do in the near future.