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Taking advantage of enterprise confinement and digitisation

Posted: 17 / 06 / 2020
Taking advantage of enterprise confinement and digitisation
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With the beginning of the new normality, it is time to consider new ways of working that allow us to keep up with the future trends that will come in the next few years.

The covid-19 crisis has been a turning point in our society. Over the last few years, the digitalisation of most companies has become a slow process, which seems to have been delayed as much as possible. Without realising it, we have been caught up in a state of alarm where most companies have had to hold onto teleworking for which they were not prepared.

At Walcon you will find consultancy and planning services to start digitalising your company from scratch. We offer one of the latest developments in digital marketing for companies, VR and 3D environments, which allow you to establish commercial and professional relations through a virtual environment. Walcon's services make a difference by encouraging contact between people and providing a close atmosphere, in particular thanks to the creation of customised avatars.

Therefore, the goal of Walcon is to humanise technology, improving interactions between the company and its customers and with its own workers. According to the testimonies of some of our customers, some of the main features to be highlighted from these virtual events are: cost and time savings, removal of geographical and time barriers and the reduction of the environmental impact compared to conventional events.

Walcon offers a wide range of possibilities for your company or association. For example: the creation of trade fairs where attendees and exhibiting companies can meet, congresses and conferences where companies can make presentations and interact with attendees...

In addition, more intimate events can be created such as small virtual rooms where training courses or networking rooms can be held. In these spaces, communication is 100% direct and personal. In the case of training courses, the trainer and the attendees are in constant contact by means of a chat through which the company can share all the necessary material. In the networking classrooms, contact between professionals is made through customised avatars. Thereby, the exchange of ideas and negotiations takes place at a much closer level.