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Professionalise your live broadcasts

Posted: 23 / 04 / 2021
Professionalise your live broadcasts
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Each event has certain characteristics that must be met in order to be carried out successfully, so at Walcon Virtual we offer the best solutions on the market to meet each client's needs.

As the situation changes, new tools are appearing which allow us to gather a large number of people and carry out all kinds of training sessions, round tables, informative talks and much more in a completely interactive way.

Walcon's latest venture is the implementation of Webinars, which allow us to broadcast live the contents that our customers want, besides being able to record them and display them later. This way a great interaction is possible between all users, achieving a bidirectional communication that allows questions and answers, debates, resolution of queries...

What benefits will a Webinar provide to your event?

  • Attendees will be in an interactive environment that encourages attention and communication;
  • Its content can be recorded for later use;
  • All users will be able to attend from wherever they want and with any device;
  • The explanation of complex concepts can be addressed in greater depth and detail, in addition to being able to solve any queries instantly;
  • The person giving the Webinar can share all kinds of resources while the Webinar is taking place, thereby complementing the information provided to the attendees;
  • Thanks to our platforms, you will have a sign-up page, a list of all the attendees and a chat where you can interact with all of them;
  • We have a team of production experts who will create customised titles and headings, sponsor visibility and change of shots and transitions.

The days of recording online classes or courses where there is only a player and no opportunity to engage in conversation, ideas or ask questions of the speaker are long gone.

If you are interested in organising a Webinar and do not know how to start, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!