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Can I organise a virtual event in any sector?

Posted: 06 / 11 / 2020
Organise a virtual event in any sector
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Walcon Virtual continues to grow steadily and its customer base is becoming wider and wider. These customers have different features, with clear objectives and specific needs. For this reason, we adapt and take care of all the details in order to meet the demands of our customers, regardless of their sector.

This range of sectors is increasingly expanding and these are some of the sectors in which we have already worked: 

  • Energy sector: this sector is committed to the importance of digital presence. The best example is Effie, an international virtual fair that takes place every year and addresses current topics of interest such as renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility;
  • Fashion: digital platforms allow companies and industry experts to meet designers from all over the world to show new projects and even present new collections to the public;
  • Industry: the presentation of 360° images and videos makes it possible to get a detailed insight into the latest materials in the industry, as well as to provide training or workshops;
  • Health: this is one of the most important topics and at Walcon Virtual we are aware of them. For this reason, these digital platforms allow us to gather leading experts from all over the world in a totally secure way to present and discuss any developments and news from sector;
  • Construction: this sector has been able to evolve towards digitalisation, which is why commercial relations, presentation and sales have made the leap to virtual platforms;
  • Tourism: a virtual fair or networking room will make a difference in the development of brand image, as well as the promotion of the different destinations, providing them with greater connection and intelligence;
  • Automotive: it allows to show in a clear and simple way products or services such as vehicles, recharging points... all this from all perspectives, sometimes even simulating real situations. 

All these sectors are addressed with the professionalism and experience of our team and in constant communication with the customer, thereby achieving the defined objectives.

If you want to know more and start preparing your next online event, contact us here!