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New virtual showrooms

Posted: 15 / 03 / 2021
New virtual showrooms
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Little by little, new technologies are making their way into society to make our daily lives easier and allow us to carry out certain activities that, with the current health restrictions, seem impossible at the moment.

Through the virtual spaces that we provide at Walcon Virtual, you can gather a large number of users in the same place to show them the content you want, either images, videos or products, and thereby establish commercial and professional relationships with the attendees. In this way, the following is achieved:

- Time and cost savings;
- Removing geographical and time barriers;
- Reconciling work and family;
- Environmental sustainability;
- Attracting qualified leads

Thanks to the arrival of these new technologies, we have the possibility of displaying all kinds of content, such as informative content, new catalogues and even launching new products to distributors, customers or partners in a completely innovative way and with very little investment. 

Showrooms are the environments where these presentations can be made, virtual corporate rooms that are created in a totally customised way for the client.  
We have the best tools on the market to launch your brand or the presentation of your product:

- You will be able to show all kinds of products through photographs and 360º videos so that attendees do not miss any detail and can appreciate all its features;

- If you wish to present a service, we also have screens where you can show the public all kinds of images, videos, documents, presentations, etc. Moreover, each screen has its own private area so that attendees can hold conversations without being overheard by others;

- You can add each product a description with additional detailed information about the product or service shown;

- You can even include a landing page so that the client can access directly to the product or service website and buy it from our own website.

These rooms are completely customisable so that our clients can incorporate all the corporate material they want.

In addition, the showrooms have at their disposal our technical support team to make sure that everything goes perfect. The staff will always be ready to solve any problem that may arise for the attendees, helping and guiding them at all times.

After the event, we will send you all the data you have obtained, so you will have information about all the users who have attended, the time they have spent there, and much more!

If you want to carry out a virtual event without losing the real person to person connection, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you!