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Live a unique virtual experience

Posted: 30 / 10 / 2020
Live a unique virtual experience
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This new situation that we are living in has meant a great change for all of us, and that is why the need to renew ourselves has arisen so that we can continue with our daily lives.

The whole team at Walcon Virtual works constantly to provide a unique experience in virtual events, taking care of even the smallest detail so that attendees feel that they are inside our worlds. 

We are specialists in creating a meeting point between the company and the customer so that both parties can establish communications and thereby create business opportunities. This meeting point depends on each customer and their features, which is why we know how to create the event that best suits your needs.

  • Organisation of all types of trade fairs, an environment that recreates a physical fair, where attendees and speakers can interact.
  • Holding congresses and conventions in auditoriums and/or virtual rooms through a live connection with the speaker, shared screen, presentation or video.
  • Presentations of products or promotions through 360º videos or photographs along with any additional information and direct access to the purchase of the product.
  • Training courses that take place in virtual rooms where direct and personal communication is established between the speaker and the attendees.
  • Networking rooms where the exchange of opinions and the establishment of contacts between professionals and/or entrepreneurs with common interests is encouraged.

If you are thinking about creating a virtual event, do not hesitate and contact us without any obligation, we will be happy to help you!