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Land hype in the metaverse worlwide among companies

Posted: 14 / 09 / 2022
Land hype in the metaverse
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Until a few years ago, the metaverse was completely unknown to the majority of the population, but some curious people were already surfing these virtual worlds. On platforms where land is limited, there are people who used to buy their virtual spaces for as little as €20, and today they receive up to €1500 for renting those same spaces.

Large companies from all industries such as Samsung, Dolce&Gabbana, Nike, BWM and Coca-Cola are fighting for a leading presence in metaverses.

Real estate companies that until now sold properties all over the world are also offering the possibility of selling virtual land or making exact replicas of a house bought in the real world but in the metaverse.

An example of this is the real estate company Nourmand & Associates, which is currently selling a mansion in Beverly Hills for 9.5 million dollars and is offering the possibility of building a replica of it in a well-known metaverse for $100,000.

According to the expert Sergio G, "The global market for virtual and augmented reality was valued in 2018 at 26,700 million dollars; it is most likely to close this year reaching 54,000 million and the forecast is that by the middle of the decade it will reach 800,000 million."

Walcon has been clear about this bet from the beginning and is committed to it, working with the main platforms in the market and managing and building in any metaverse.