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Organisation of events and advertising in virtual environments

Cruz Roja

Cruz Roja

Several days during 2020

The Red Cross has digitalised some of its events, such as virtual job fairs or thematic days. Some of the provinces that have already carried them out are Badajoz, Cadiz, Catalonia, Galicia and Zaragoza, among others.

Cruz Roja
Cruz Roja
What it consisted of

The virtual job fairs proposed by the Red Cross seek to connect companies and people actively looking for work, with presentations, workshops and various activities.

Distributed in several stands, the companies make available to visitors the job offers and all the information available, in order to achieve greater interaction and participation.

On the other hand, conferences have also been organised, such as the I Conference Generating Coexistence against School Bullying, where professionals from different fields can share their analyses and the results of their experiences, building paths that lead to the reduction and elimination of school bullying.

Figures achieved

We are proud to be able to say that we have achieved some really successful participation figures.

+10.000 Total visits
+50 Conferences
+80 Workshops

The event in pictures

See first hand how the event went and what we are able to do.