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5th Social Inclusion Fair

5th Social Inclusion Fair

November 19th 2021

EAPN Madrid held its 5th Social Inclusion Fair, gathering more than 60 companies with social initiatives on display with stands. A total of three full pavilions plus an auditorium for conferences and an exhibition hall with several workshops were set up for the event.

5th Social Inclusion Fair
5th Social Inclusion Fair
Overview of the event

The Madrid Network Against Poverty and Social Exclusion, an NGO of 70 entities whose main objective is the fight against poverty, gathered all its entities together to show their initiatives through their stands. Users were able to enjoy this great event with their own customised 3D avatars.

In addition, many initiatives were displayed at the exhibition hall, where workshops were also held throughout the day. And all this, along with conferences that took place in the auditorium of the event.


We are proud to say that we have achieved some really successful participation figures.

+60 Stands
+500 Users

The event in images

See firsthand how the event went and what we are capable of doing.