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Do you know about hybrid events?

Posted: 09 / 04 / 2021
Do you know about hybrid events?
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In this new enviorement we find ourselves with the possibility of hosting visitors both in an on-site space and in a virtual one, achieving a practically unlimited capacity and giving options to all those attendees who, due to geographical restrictions or for personal reasons, cannot travel to the venue. That is why at Walcon Virtual we have embarked on the organisation of hybrid events.

A hybrid event is one that extends the scope of an event held in a physical space thanks to a virtual platform, allowing all visitors who cannot attend the event in person to enjoy the activities and content of the event online.

Therefore, those people who cannot attend the event in person because they do not feel safe or because they do not have the possibility to travel to the place where it is held, can also be there without losing the essence of the face-to-face in a totally virtual way. 

It is important not to confuse hybrid events with streaming events: while in a live event you can watch the presentations that are taking place in person over the internet, in a hybrid event you can immerse yourself in the event through specialised platforms. These platforms offer much more dynamic content, giving the possibility of interacting with other attendees or with the environment so that the experience is like the face-to-face one. 

Some of the advantages provided by hybrid events are: 

  • Attendees can choose the form in which they attend, thus expanding the target audience;
  • You will avoid problems with the capacity of the venue as part of the attendees will attend virtually;
  • You will reduce CO2 emissions, as you will eliminate many of the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs....;
  • People from all over the world will be able to attend, as geographical barriers are eliminated by hybridising the event;
  • The event will be fully interactive and the activities will be available both physically and virtually.

At Walcon we work very hard to always be pioneers in offering virtual events, always looking for and creating the perfect event for our clients. We take care of the smallest detail so that all attendees and organisers are satisfied and their events are a success

For this reason, we believe that the launch of hybrid events will multiply the options for both physical and virtual events, allowing attendees to freely choose the format they want.

Stay tuned because we will be telling you many more news about hybrid events, don't miss it! 

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