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VR/3D events are a very interesting opportunity for companies that want to present their products, services and innovations. We are a company specialised in the organisation of all type of important events. What will you organise?

Industrial fairs

2D/3D/VR industrial fairs

We are specialists in the organisation and promotion of all types of fairs.

These are virtual environments that reproduce the spaces and functionalities of the physical fairs, where visitors and exhibitors can interact during the days of the event without having to go to any specific place. Companies and organisations belonging to the same industry take part in this type of fair.

Within these environments, we can attend conferences of different professionals of an industry; visit stands and ask for information about services and products of companies, download catalogues and brochures, as well as interact with other participants in networking spaces.

And everything is totally customizable with the branding of each company, besides being able to add links to social networks and different websites.

Users enter these virtual environments using digital avatars that allow them to communicate by voice or chat with all those attending the fair.

What do we do?

  • Environment of the event
  • Configuration of the stands
  • Customisation and design of the fair
  • Communication and marketing
  • Full event support
  • Analytics of the event
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Congresses and fairs

2D/3D/VR congresses and fairs

Organisation of congresses and conventions

This type of congress has the particularity of being held in auditoriums or virtual rooms.
The conferences can be held in different ways, either through a live connection with the webcam of the speaker or screen sharing, presentation or recorded and edited video.

Visitors can interact among themselves and also with the speaker by chat, which allows them to communicate at the same time as the conference is taking place.

More features:

  • Fully customisable environment
  • Branding with audiovisual elements
  • Communication and marketing
  • Full event support
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Product presentations

Product presentations in 2D/3D/VR environments

We have the keys for the presentation of products and promotions

In recent years, the presentation and promotion of products has undergone constant evolution. Thanks to the arrival of new technologies, we have the possibility of presenting new catalogues or launching new products to distributors, clients or partners in a totally innovative way that only requires a small investment. The environments where these presentations can be made are virtual corporate rooms that have been completely customised.

We use the best tools for the launch of your brand or the presentation of your product:

We can make the presentation of the products using 360-degree photos or videos. In addition, each one of them can be followed by a description, additional information and a landing page so that the client can directly access the purchase of the product from our website.
Those attending the presentation are invited by the organising company.

Let us help you!

  • 360-degree photos and videos
  • Presentation of products and catalogues
  • Fully customised corporate rooms
  • Direct link to the website
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Training courses

Training courses in 2D/3D/VR

An innovative and professional solution

Training courses can be conducted within virtual spaces where direct and personal communication takes place. The resources used for learning are chosen entirely by the company, with all formats available (live or pre-recorded), presentations, images, 360-degree examples).

The interaction between instructor and attendees is guaranteed by chat, and the instructor can share all the material that considers necessary with the attendees, who can download and save it.

You will have:

  • Customisable virtual rooms
  • Direct and personal communication
  • Various learning formats
  • Sharing of learning materials
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Networking spaces

2D/3D/VR networking spaces

Expand your frontiers

These spaces are designed for the relationship between professionals and entrepreneurs with common interests, allowing the exchange of ideas and business opportunities. Moreover, they can also exchange opinions, create new contacts and find potential clients.

Each person has their own personalised avatar with their details and virtual business card, which they can share with the other people in the room.

Any company, association or public body can have a virtual space for meetings with suppliers, customers or partners.

It is what it seems to be:

  • Networking
  • Fully customisable spaces
  • Business opportunities
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Hybrid events

Hybrid events

Take advantage of all the benefits of the physical and the virtual

Hybrid events allow you to extend the scope of an event held in a physical space thanks to a virtual platform, allowing all the public who cannot attend the event in person to enjoy the activities and content online.

  • Fully interactive
  • Customisable environments
  • Real-time connection
  • Capacity expansion
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Streaming and webinars

Streaming and webinars

Live broadcasts

Trainings, round tables, informative talks... there are many occasions in which we need a meeting place to gather all the public we want to address and who can interact with us.

Through our streaming and webinar platform you can make any live or recorded broadcast and have a registration page, a list of all attendees and a chat where you can interact with all of them.

In addition, we have a team of experts in production so that you don't have to worry about anything:

  • Customised signs and titles
  • Sponsor visibility
  • Change of shots and transitions


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2D/3D/VR job fairs

2D/3D/VR job fairs

All candidates in one place

These events allow, on the one hand, companies to exhibit all their vacancies and have conversations with potential candidates and, on the other hand, candidates to be able to observe all the offers and apply for them.

  • Customisable stands for each company
  • Professional profile of each candidate
  • Quick and direct communication
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If you want to organise any of these events virtually or any other, please contact us by filling in this form and we will be happy to answer your enquiry. Thank you.

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