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World Poultry Virtual Congress

World Poultry Virtual Congress

From 14th to 17th June 2021

The World Poultry Virtual Congress by Hipra welcomed more than 40 experts and professionals from the poultry sector worldwide, spread over four days in which visitors could, in addition to attending the conferences, visit the different stands and participate in the Experience & Innovation Challenge organised by the company.

World Poultry Virtual Congress
World Poultry Virtual Congress
What it consisted of

Hipra is an international company dedicated to animal and human health that distributes its products in more than 100 countries. With innovation and research as a benchmark, they aim to be the leading company in prevention for animal and human health. The celebration of this 1st International Poultry Congress has reaffirmed Hipra as an innovative company that is committed to online activities in the poultry industry.

The event featured an eminently scientific programme with the participation of more than 40 world-renowned experts in the different and most important therapeutic areas of poultry farming, as well as speakers related to the field of business management, offering 8 hours of lectures per day on each day.

The four days of the event were non-stop, with 24-hour access to the event and covering 3 major geographical areas: Europe, LATAM and Asia. During these days, apart from the conferences, it was also possible to visit the 16 stands of the different brands located at the event.

Figures achieved

We are proud to be able to say that we achieved some very successful participation figures.

+5000 Registered
+40 Speakers
+15 Exhibitors
+2300 Unique users

El evento en imágenes

Observa de primera mano como transcurrió el evento y lo que somos capaces de hacer.