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VR Spagna 20

VR Spagna 20

From 1 to 3 December 2020

Spagna Virtuale VR-Spagna-2020 is an innovative 100% virtual workshop project promoted by Turespaña through its Spanish Tourism Offices (OTSs) in Rome and Milan. This is the first online virtual event aimed at professionals (B2B) and final public (B2C).

VR Spagna 20
VR Spagna 20
What it consisted of

During 3 days all the attendees could enjoy all the activities prepared by Tourspain: stands, presentations, round tables... even an Ibiza farewell party with live music.

The presentations and master classes were the key part of this event, which brought together personalities from the sector from different countries in a single space. 

Another of the great novelties was the possibility of arranging appointments with the exhibitors for the days of the event, thus allowing a business opportunity and the celebration of new alliances.

Figures achieved

We are proud to be able to say that we achieved truly successful participation figures.

+10.000 Visitors
+4.000 Professional appointments
+65 Booths

The event in pictures

See first hand how the event went and what we are able to do.