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Effie Virtual Congress 2019

Effie Virtual Congress 2019

Between May 8th and 11th 2019

The event was conceived to promote the generation of business in all the links of the productive chain of the energy industry, through interaction, access to new solutions for their businesses and the exchange of experiences and knowledge about the industry at an international level. An unparalleled opportunity to position themselves in the market and learn about the opportunities and challenges of the energy industry.

Effie Virtual Congress 2019
Effie Virtual Congress 2019
The event

The Effie Virtual Congress is a completely virtual international fair on energy efficiency. It is an unprecedented event that became a key milestone for the dynamisation of the energy industry. A unique space that brought together companies and organisations that focus their efforts on promoting energy saving and efficiency, and where the latest news and technological advances in this field were exhibited. All types of energy were present: gas, electricity, and of course renewable energies, and different approaches such as technology, financing, services, operational and regulatory were addressed.

Effie becomes the ideal solution for making the energy industry accessible to your target audience. Any company, organisation or individual who wishes to keep up to date with the latest developments in efficiency and energy supply can do so easily. In two days, without the need to travel and without geographical barriers, experts and individuals will be able to contact numerous organisations and find out about the latest products and services.

The services we offer

At the Effie Virtual Congress 2019, we made every effort to ensure that everything went perfectly, from start to finish, and to this end we offered the following services:

Consulting and planning
Communication and marketing
Hiring of artists
Design and creativity
Sales and sponsorships
Full event support

Participation figures

We are proud to say that we achieved really successful participation figures.

+ 10K Interactions
+1,300 Visitors
+50 Exhibitors
+20 Conferences
Matilde Albert Brotons

At EFFIE, entrepreneurs from all over the world and important brands were able to meet in the same virtual environment to know the news, products and influential people of the energy efficiency industry. Technology breaks the distance and budget barriers of traditional fairs and congresses to allow networking at a high level.

Matilde Albert Brotons Managing Director at Walcon

The event in images

See firsthand how the event went and what we are able to do

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