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AIDIPE: 20th International Congress on Educational Research

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AIDIPE: 20th International Congress on Educational Research

Between June 14th and 17th, 2022

AIDIPE 2022, 20th International Congress on Educational Research: Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education, brought together experts and professionals from the industry for four days, both in person and virtually via web3, carrying out different types of activities and offering more than 50 conferences.

2D platform with simultaneous networking meetings
Live virtual conference of the University of Compostela
AIDIPE 2022: Hybrid face-to-face and virtual edition

AIDIPE 2022 aims to become a meeting forum where the latest advances in educational research are presented and debated. This year's congress will focus on educational research as a means to achieve equitable and quality education.

Conferences, workshops, round tables, symposiums, experiences and communications... a multitude of activities were carried out in parallel and during four days in this congress, bringing together thousands of people from all over the world thanks to its hybrid format. 

In person from Santiago de Compostela, and virtually from a web3 developed by Walcon Virtual, all the attendees were able to enjoy the advantages of both formats, as the activities carried out in person were broadcast live and those present could view the participation of all those who participated virtually, whether as speakers or in any other format.

In addition, there was an auditorium at the University of Santiago de Compostela which was connected to the platform and which made it possible to view the activities programmed there at any time from anywhere in the world with just one click.