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Agripina Awards

Agripina Awards

25 November 2020

After several editions held and with a constant growth, the Agripina Awards were held for the first time in a totally virtual way. These awards are the festival of reference for members of the advertising, marketing and communication sector in Spain.

Agripina Awards
Agripina Awards
What it consisted of

The 10th edition of the Agripina Awards rewarded and encouraged advertising creativity, as well as disseminating marketing strategies, advertising and communication campaigns for goods and services, advertisers, advertising agencies, design studios, media, production companies, advertising media, printers, freelancers, students, and all those professionals who actively participate in the advertising, marketing and communication sector.

At the same time, they coordinate different events and activities, such as courses, congresses, exhibitions, and all those activities that contribute to the improvement of the sector.

Figures achieved

We are proud to be able to say that we have achieved some really successful participation figures.

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The event in pictures

See first hand how the event went and what we are able to do.