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Walcon Virtual finalist in the IN4Bankia Awards

Posted: 21 / 11 / 2019
Walcon Virtual finalist in the IN4Bankia Awards
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Walcon Virtual, organiser of the Effie Virtual Congress events, is one of the four finalist companies in the IN4Bankia Awards in the Best Start-Up category.

The company has been nominated by the competition jury among the 112 candidate companies along with Newmanbrain, Bioithas and Bioferrik Ink.

Walcon organised in 2019 the first 100% virtual international energy efficiency fair-congress and is preparing three new editions of sustainable VR events for 2020: Effie Solar focused on renewable energy, Effie Efficiency dedicated to energy saving and environmental innovation and Effie Mobility focused on sustainable mobility.

The IN4Bankia Awards, organised by Bankia and the newspaper Información, are important to give visibility and recognition to the Alicante business network.

The winners in this fourth edition have been the following:

Newmanbrain for Best Start-Up;
Forest Chemical Group for Innovation and Best Exporting Company;
Lokimica SA for best SME;
Territorial Tax Management for the best professional and business career;
Francisco Gómez, founder of Grupo Marjal, for professional merit.