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Virtual reality takes a step forward

Posted: 04 / 09 / 2019
Virtual reality takes a step forward
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Recently, Facebook presented its new project: Facebook Horizon. It is a revolution in social media scene, as, thanks to this platform, we will enter a virtual world where socialising and having fun take on a new dimension

In this new world that Facebook will create, each of us will be able to log in with a costumisable avatar and interact with friends or meet new people.

The presentation of this new product makes us think that virtual reality is becomieng more and more important, affecting aspects of our everyday life that we are unaware of so far. This is still an unexplored territory for most people, but a lot of companies are working on its development and betting on it.

Another new development that we have been able to discover is the advance in VR technology itself and the glasses that are worn. If at this moment, we decided to put on VR glasses, we would be able to interact with the virtual world, but not with the real one. Nevertheless, thanks to the new models such as Oculus Quest, these glasses will recognise elements such as our hands without the need of using special gloves or other kinds of additional elements. 

Virtual reality is becoming more and more important, affecting aspects of our everyday life that we are unaware so far.

In other words, we are facing a scenario that is strongly committed to VR technology and its real application, which by 2020 will allow us to establish social relations in a virtual world and to attend events and trade fairs without leaving home.