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Virtual meetings

Posted: 05 / 03 / 2021
Virtual meetings
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Virtual reality has allowed us to make great advances in society, and due to the harsh restrictions that we face due to the current situation, it has allowed us to continue with semblance of normality the development of professional and personal activities. 

One of the entities that have benefited the most from all these advances are companies, as without losing human contact, a real person-to-person connection can be maintained with the addition of all the possibilities that virtual reality offers to the business world. 

Some of the main advantages of virtual meetings for both the company and the customer are: 

  • Cost reduction. As well as saving time in travelling, there are also economic savings;
  • Thanks to the ease of holding this type of meetings, communication increases on both sides, as the number of meetings and the willingness of the attendees to hold them has rised;
  • Better project monitoring due to the quick connection established in virtual meetings, as they can be held at the place of residence or at work;
  • Greater agility in decision-making, as cross-cutting communications can take place in a much more effective and decentralised way;
  • Makes easier telecommuting. Many companies have been forced to telecommute, and thanks to virtual meetings, the work of all employees can be closely monitored on a continuous and personal basis. 

At Walcon we make this type of meetings possible by providing our clients a space specifically designed for this purpose. 

Our virtual rooms perfectly simulate a conventional meeting room, in a fully customisable space with the branding of the company or organisation.

In addition, we include screens where you can browse the internet on any website; upload files in different formats such as pdf or PowerPoint to complement your presentations; share your screen so that all attendees can see the content you want from your computer; be in the virtual world and let everyone see you through the webcam.

With all this, we achieve that, without losing the essence of face-to-face meetings, you can enjoy a totally secure and comfortable virtual environment where you can communicate easily thanks to all the tools that we provide you with. 

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, we will be happy to help you!