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Virtual events help companies to expand their network of contacts

Posted: 03 / 09 / 2020
Virtual events help companies to expand their network of contacts
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After several months of working with the new normality, some companies have been really affected by not being able to carry out normal activities, such as visits by sales representatives, meetings with clients... In the same way, associations and brands involved in social actions have also been affected by not being able to connect with their users.

However, virtual events have established themselves as an alternative for all these types of companies. Virtual events can be used for any type of activity: trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, networking groups, training, team building... As we can see, with all of them, brands can maintain contact with their public with immersive experiences and also expand their network of contacts by working in virtual environments.

At Walcon Virtual we provide virtual events on 3D platforms. In them, you have a variety of spaces in which each person attends the event in a real way through a customised avatar, which allows you to enjoy the environment and the warmth of human contact. The 3D sound generates totally interactive experiences, since it is an ambient sound with which you will be able to talk to any avatar in front of you as if you were in real life.

Some of the benefits you can obtain by organising a virtual event with us are the following:

  • Reduce organisational, travel and accommodation costs.
  • Removal of geographical barriers, becoming international events simply with an internet connection.
  • They strengthen and increase the network of contacts, promoting networking and creating new business opportunities.
  • Access and interaction analytics, which allow the event to be measured in figures and to evaluate actions.

If you need advice on how to plan your first virtual event, request our services and organise your event with Walcon Virtual from the very first minute with no commitment!