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Tommy Hilfiger enters the metaverse

Posted: 09 / 06 / 2022
Tommy Hilfiger enters the metaverse
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A few weeks ago we reported that several European football leagues, clothing brands such as Dolce & Gabbana or Hugo Boss, and sportsmen such as Rafa Nadal were entering the metaverse, with Tommy Hilfiger being the latest to join.

The growing trend to digitise all industries has reached an unstoppable pace that is causing more and more companies to appear in the metaverse, regardless of the product or service they offer.

In this case, Tommy Hilfiger is moving towards a more gamer side in which its members "will be able to play, share experiences and socialise, making use of this virtual space as well as the different games and other activities that have been designed. An "experiential" offer which, according to Tommy Hilfiger, will be constantly updated throughout the summer with new content, expansions of the map on the platform and the launch of new digital products."

The chosen scenario recreates one of the most authentic neighbourhoods in New York, Brooklyn, which users can virtually ride through and even perform tricks on a BMX bike.

As we can see lately, the digitalisation options are becoming more and more extensive, so from Walcon Virtual we recommend having experts in the metaverse and virtual projects to begin the digitalisation of your brand. 

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