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Metaverse companies: Italian league joins the metaverse

Posted: 03 / 05 / 2022
Metaverse companies: Italian league joins the metaverse
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The metaverse continues to expand the wide range of possibilities, allowing in this case to watch live a decisive match of the Serie A, Italy's main football league, as published by the newspaper Marca. The fact that it was the first match broadcast in the metarverse shows that its applications are on the rise and that more and more companies and sectors are deciding to cross this technological frontier.

This match not only allowed viewing, but also enabled different rooms in the metaverse where spectators could interact with the environment and with other attendees without moving from the site.

This opens the door to new ways of watching sports, which until now did not go beyond the traditional television screen and which, with the appearance of more and more metaverses, can be experienced in a totally immersive way and in first person.

At Walcon Virtual we are experts in this type of virtual events and we have already carried out a sport events in the metaverse, a football tournament for Abu Dhabi Ports with more than 100 participants and up to 30 teams.

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