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How can I organise a virtual event successfully?

Posted: 13 / 03 / 2020
How to organise a virtual event successfully
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The coronavirus crisis is forcing entities to cancel their face-to-face events and many of them are considering the possibility of moving them to the virtual world. If this is your situation, we help you answer several questions that will arise.

1.- What type of events can be carried out virtually?

The first thing we need to know is that most events can be adapted to the digital world . Maybe until now you had not considered it, but any congress, fair, conference day or product presentation can be moved to a virtual version, as long as we do not have to taste, smell or feel the texture of those presented products, at least at the moment.

We can even carry out teambuilding activities, training classes or networking sessions in a virtual environment and the level of interaction is quite similar to the one of physical places, although we cannot touch each other.

2.- What platform should I use?

Nowadays there are many worldwide platforms that are sold as virtual event software. However, not all of them are the same and there are significant differences between them. On all their web pages you will see pictures of avatars, but the vast majority of these platforms are not 100% interactive and you do not know this until you get a demo and test the product yourself. To start, we could make a distinction between two types of platform:

  • Passive platforms. We refer to them this way as they resemble a directory or webinar, they allow you to see and hear, but you do not actually have an avatar that can move around the environments and interact with all the people around you.
  • Exploratory and interactive platforms . These types of platforms have a high level of interaction and some of them even allow immersive experiences thanks to virtual reality technology. With them, we can move through the environment through an avatar and explore it, as well as talk to those around us.

Obviously, the price between the first and the second type differs a lot, the latter being more expensive, but the reality is that they are totally different products . If you are looking for customer experience, we recommend that you use an interactive platform, even if you have to pay a little more for it. We only provide interactive platforms because plain ones are categorised more as directories with chatboxes or classic webinars, but not as pure virtual events. In addition to the level of interaction there are other technical and accessibility issues that distinguish one platform from another and it is important that you are aware of them before deciding the technology you want to use for your event.

3.- Can I contact directly with the platform manufacturer?

Some platforms only work through partners like us, but there are others with which you can contact directly. However, we always advise you to contact a virtual events consultant because these products require training that can take months of work, even if they tell you that is very easy.

If you hire your event through a consultant you will avoid having to train yourself and allocate exclusive resources to manage the technical part for its preparation and during its celebration.

Although you may think that you save money by going directly to the manufacturer, it is not like that. The consultants do not charge a percentage on the PVP of the platform, but we have a distribution discount and we only charge for the service and this will save you a lot of time, money and especially headaches. It is always better to leave things in the hands of specialists and more when it comes to such technical issues.

At Walcon Virtual Events we have both the experience and the professional team to make your virtual event a success.