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Hibridisation: present and future of events

Posted: 06 / 09 / 2021
Hibridisation: present and future of events
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Since Covid-19 emerged on the global scene, both individuals and companies have been forced to modify their behaviour and adapt to new working models to be able to continue their activity: more than 90% of companies have carried out virtual events in the last few months.

Some of them already had prior knowledge of these platforms, while others had to digitalise and adapt to the new era. This has led to a new common paradigm for all of them, a new opportunity to hold events which are much more interactive and with a practically unlimited capacity.

The benefits of the hybridisation of events are countless, with the choice of platforms suited to the needs of each event and extendable capacity, along with access from anywhere in the world and great cost savings. All this without losing the essence of in-person events and face-to-face communication.

According to a recent study conducted by MCI, "80% of the companies that have held virtual events state that they are satisfied with the outcomes and 70% of the attendees of their respective events are also satisfied". These are really encouraging figures that show the real benefits of these events for both companies and attendees.

However, for the hybridisation to be successful, it is necessary to rely on a professional team that knows how to choose the right platform and customise each and every detail so that the face-to-face and virtual information and vice versa is carried out properly.

Walcon Virtual is an expert consultancy firm in this type of events, having organised more than 200 virtual events and with continuous training that allows us to choose the current best platforms. If you want more information, please do not hesitate to ask for it here.