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Green Events: Sustainability of virtual environments

Posted: 12 / 06 / 2020
Green Events: Sustainability of virtual environments
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In the last years, large-scale business activity has led to a series of environmental consequences that in many cases are irreversible for the planet. Given the current situation due to Covid-19, we have seen how in just a few days cities such as New Delhi and Paris have reduced their pollution levels significantly. And virtual events can continue to contribute to this. 

Virtual events have become an essential communication strategy for all those companies that are committed to sustainability. One of the main advantages of virtual events over conventional ones is the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Virtual events allow connecting thousands of people on the same platform in an online way, without the need of travelling. In this case, we would be saving emissions from the transportation to the city, the space where the event takes place or the accommodation of the attendees. The only element necessary to attend a virtual event is an electronic device with an Internet connection.

Although conventional events can be held in sustainable spaces, they require the assembly of a series of structures such as: designs, stands, equipment for acclimatisation...

In addition to the reduction of CO2 emissions, another advantage of virtual events that contribute to the fight against climate change is the disposal of plastics and paper. Since they do not take place in a physical space, we completely remove the tons of paper and plastics that are produced for each fair or event, regardless of whether they are information brochures, merchandising, billboards...

Virtual events not only allow us to reduce the environmental impact but also the large financial outlay for both organisers and attendees. Economic savings allow many companies to participate in fairs or congresses of their interest that they had never considered before.

At Walcon Virtual, we offer consultancy and help you plan your digital environment so that your trade fair or conference is completely successful. Our team will adapt your requests to VR technology and 3D creativity so that your virtual project does not lose human contact. The great uniqueness of Walcon is that we offer real interactions between attendees, each one represented by a customised avatar, with which you can communicate with the rest of attendees; whether to hold conferences, have networking conversations, offer information brochures...

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to inform you about all the services we provide.